By using a variety of assessment tools and techniques, organisations can gain better insights into how their leaders are performing and how they can improve.

Great assessments enable great people decisions. We provide objective ‘noise-free’ information and data. We clearly differentiate performance from potential and enable our clients to have meaningful and practical discussions with their new prospective hires as well as those internal candidates that they are looking to develop further.

Assessments can be used to measure the effectiveness of a leader’s actions and strategies. They involve interviews and questionnaires that assess the leader’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

They can also include assessments of the leader’s communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and other important aspects of their leadership style.

Organisations can use these assessments to gauge the effectiveness of their leaders in achieving the organisation’s goals. They can also help identify areas for improvement and provide feedback to help leaders adjust their approach and strategy.

Through leadership assessments, organisations can ensure their leaders are on track to achieving their objectives and maximise the effectiveness of their leadership.


What People Say

I thought the course was an excellent introduction to the coaching mindset and philosophy. The practise coaching sessions where very informative and the real time feedback loop facilitated great learning experiences.  I would recommend this course to any leader who is looking to develop themselves, their teams, and their organisation.

John Hannah

Director, Project Delivery Success (PDS) Ltd

I found Tim to be an extremely reflective practitioner who made me reconsider the way I approach managing my team. The course is very well structured with a great balance of theory and plenty of opportunity for practising the skills introduced. I have since been able to implement these practically in my work environment, both in ‘corridor’ conversations and more formal coaching situations.

Allison Greenfield

St Swithuns School

So often this type of course can get lost in theory and quotes from gurus! This course does have theory, but it’s brought to life in a way that means you can move straight into practice in-between sessions. The exercises in the course are realistic and allow you to practise, in a safe environment, how the theory can be used in the “real world”.

Simon Ramskill

Chief Technology Officer, Electrocomponents

Attending Redbridge’s Coach training was revealing for me, as I have learned how important it is to establish myself as a coach for the people in my team. I have learned the importance of keeping a constant line of communication. The training provided a very clear and solid method for building my capability which is already showing positive results with my team.

Ian Tweedale

Category Director, Ferrero
RS Components
Rarebird Hotels

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